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Alice Springs is home to some of the world’s most venomous snakes. In October 2000 the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Service put out a Request to Tender titled: Alice Springs- Provision of a Community Identification, Capture and Removal Service for Reptiles in the Alice Springs Municipal Area.  Alice Springs Reptile Centre was the successful tender and still provides this same exceptional service today. We regard ourselves as the most prompt ‘Emergency Service’ in town.

The Northern Territory is unique in Australia in the fact that it covers the cost of the Reptile Removal Service, effectively making it a free service. In all other States of Australia most reptile removal services are charged. This means that if you have a snake in your house/yard you have to pay someone to come and catch it. In some States, the catcher will charge two fees, a ‘search fee’ and if they locate it, a ‘removal fee’. This can amount to many hundreds of dollars. The NT has, in my opinion, trail-blazed the world’s best practice reptile removal service. The homeowner knows someone will be on their way to help as we are required, by our Contract to attend callouts in a timely fashion.

A well-trained, well resourced, dedicated team are on stand-by 24 hours a day, seven days-a-week, year in-year out to assist with the removal of wayward reptiles including highly venomous snakes and the occasional very large Perentie (Goanna). We operate under a ‘Permit to Take Wildlife for Commercial Purposes’ issued in conjunction with the Contract by the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Service.

A dedicated ‘snake phone’ can be called at any time on 0407983276. Tip: put this number into your mobile phone now. We ask that you ring us, watch the snake from a safe distance, do not disturb it and wait till we arrive. The beauty of Alice Springs is that it is a compact town. It does not take us very long to get anywhere which results in good capture ratios.

Once the snake is caught it is removed back to the Reptile Centre where it is recorded (as per NT Parks and Wildlife requirements) before being released a long way out of town back into the wild. Release sites are carefully selected to exclude areas where cattle, people etc are. We usually have to go through a locked gate to enter many of our release sites.

The most common snake caught in Alice Springs is the Western Brown. It is highly variable in colour, extremely venomous but very shy. It accounts for almost two thirds of all snake captures. The second most common snake caught is the Yellow-faced Whip Snake, a diurnal, fast moving snake but once again, very shy. The third most common snake is the Stimson’s Python, a small non-venomous snake barely one metre in total length, very timid and favours rocky outcrops.

Other snakes commonly encountered include the highly venomous Mulga (King Brown) Snake, Curl Snake and the Centralian Carpet Python.

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