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Wildcare is a not-for-profit community group comprised of dedicated, hard-working people who care for and rehabilitate injured, sick and orphaned native Australian wildlife with the goal to release these animals back into the wild. The Alice Springs Reptile Centre has been a proud supporter of Wildcare since its inception.

Wildcare can be contacted on 0419221128. Members can provide assistance over the phone until the native animal can be brought to a carer.

Injured, sick and orphaned native wildlife can be taken to the Alice Springs Vet Clinic, corner Milner and Elder Streets. Birds and mammals are handed on to the appropriate career and the Reptile Centre has a separate facility which can cater for reptiles being rehabilitated for later release.

Wildcare is always looking for new members. They can provide full training. So whether you are interested in birds, mammals or reptiles they can cater to everyone. It is very rewarding being able to nurture an animal back to health in order for it to be released back into nature.

The Reptile Centre also assists Wildcare by collecting and recycling cans, glass bottles and plastics (which conform to the NT Governments CDL scheme). These can be dropped off at the Reptile Centre. We will then take them to the recycling station and all monies are then donated direct to Wildcare. This helps Wildcare purchase much needed food and medical supplies.

By removing aluminium cans out of the environment, this is helping to save our local native wildlife in two ways. Firstly, monies raised by the can’s collection are donated to Wildcare and secondly removing the actual can from the environment prevents animals, especially small, inquisitive goannas from getting their heads stuck inside a can which will eventually lead to their demise unless they are found and the can removed.

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